Student Activities & Experience

Warm + Welcoming

Our department provides a welcoming and inclusive environment that is intellectually serious. In addition to shared experiences in classes, our students enjoy a range of extracurricular activities organized and supported by the department and the Philosophy Club. 

Sycamore Hall is the campus home for Philosophy majors and minors.  Our Cogito Room and Reading Room are open to Philosophy students (not just majors or minors, but any student interested in philosophy). They offer spaces in which to study or sit and relax quietly with friends. The reading room includes a sampling of current philosophy journals and a library table with ample plug-ins for electronics.

Students interested in getting involved in the IU Philosophy undergraduate community are encouraged to contact our Student Activities Coordinator Ricky Mouser:

Ethics Bowl

Join the IU Ethics Bowl team! The Ethics Bowl is an intercollegiate competition where teams construct arguments and defend their moral assessment of some of the most troubling and complex ethical issues facing society today. Come engage in thoughtful and productive moral discussion, interact with fellow conscientious undergraduates, and polish your public speaking and critical thinking skills.

"Ethics bowl gave me the opportunity to think critically and work in teams to discuss interesting topics. It made me a more confident public speaker and a better citizen, and it is super fun. Highly recommend. :)"
– Rachel Aranyi, member of the 2019 and 2020 Ethics Bowl teams

The Ethics Bowl team runs concurrently with PHIL-P 242 Applied Ethics: Ethics Bowl, which uses Ethics Bowl case studies and activities. Students are encouraged but not required to enroll in PHIL-P 242 to be on the Ethics Bowl competition team, and enrollment in the class does not guarantee a spot on the team for competitions.

If you are placed on the team, expect to attend regular practice sessions outside of class. Let’s make Nationals this year!
Contact Elizabeth Williams at for more information.