Philosophy of Mind and Cognition Minor

This minor pairs well with Biology, Human Biology, Psychology, Brain Science, Computer Science, Informatics, and other areas. Despite the specified nature of the minor, students can still customize the requirements to their intellectual interests and major discipline.

The minor in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition requires PHIL-P 360 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and COGS-Q 240. You must also take one of the following courses: PHIL P-250 Introductory Symbolic Logic, PHIL-P 251 Intermediate Symbolic Logic or PHIL-P 352 Logic and Philosophy. Lastly, students choose two courses from the following: PHIL-P 211 Early Modern Philosophy, PHIL-P 310 Topics in Metaphysics, PHIL-P 312 Topics in the Theory of Knowledge, PHIL-P 320 Philosophy of Language, or PHIL-P 366 Philosophy of Action. At least 9 credits taken for the minor must be 300 or 400 level.

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