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Philosophy majors have one of the highest admissions rates for law school and medical school nationally. They score in the top 3-4 of all majors on graduate admissions exams such as the LSAT (law school) and GMAT (business school).

Medical school

  • Combine Philosophy coursework with premed requirements. Consider double-majoring with a science.
  • Take Philosophy courses that develop your skills in critical analysis, reasoning, and ethical problem-solving, including P393 Biomedical Ethics.
  • Gain clinical and community service experience.
  • Participate in research.
  • Prepare for the MCAT. Philosophy courses are especially helpful in preparing you for the Critical Analysis and Reasoning section.

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In Philosophy courses, we deal with 'big ideas', but the methodology is structured and rigorous. We find strengths in arguments and exploit their flaws. We work to strengthen the argument while finding its best form. These skills are imperative in a business environment. Making important decisions that involve multiple parties requires the ability to understand how another might think, and how they may respond to proposals.

Niko Katsinis, B.A. ‘19, Philosophy, Investment Performance Analyst, Callan Investment Consultants