Financial aid for incoming graduate students

The Department of Philosophy does not admit students to its Ph.D. program without funding from either internal or external sources. Regularly admitted Ph.D. students are normally assured of continued financial aid through the fifth year of their Ph.D. programs, or the fourth year for those entering with substantial advanced standing, provided that they continue to make satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Financial aid usually comes in two main forms: Associate Instructorships or AIs (known elsewhere as teaching assistantships), and external or internal fellowships. In recent years, the department has been able to offer up to two annual internal fellowships to incoming students, using funds provided by the College of Arts and Sciences. Some College funds have also been available to supplement offers of associate instructorships and internal fellowships to incoming students. Internal fellowships for incoming students normally run for one academic year, with a commitment to continued support, typically as an associate instructor, through the student’s fourth or fifth year.

Internal fellowships and associate instructorship packages come with full fee scholarships, which pay for tuition, as well as both medical and dental health insurance. Certain non-remittable fees are not covered.

In addition, thanks to a generous endowment to the department from the late James B. Nelson, all Ph.D. students are awarded a special third-year summer fellowship. Some travel funds are available to graduate students to help defray the costs of attending important national and international conferences in philosophy.

Current financial aid figures and fees (2019–20)

  • College of Arts and Sciences Fellowship: $18,000
  • Associate Instructor stipend: $15,852
  • College fee remission: $27,352 non-resident
  • Health insurance:
  • Supplemental summer funding: $3,000 for 1st summer and $1,500 for 2nd and 3rd summer (guaranteed for students with full-funding)
  • James B. Nelson Dissertation Year Fellowship: $17,000
  • Moss Fellowship: $17,000
  • Brand Fellowship: $17,000
  • Mandatory fees: ~$703