Business and Morality

PHIL-P 240

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Course Description

Are there any moral constraints on business practices? This course provides an introduction to ethical theory through the lens of issues in business and ethical decision-making in business contexts. Topics include the many ways in which truth is bent for the sake of commerce and  whether and to what extent this is morally permissible; the nature of loyalty deception, coercion, and manipulation; the ethics of bluffing in the context of negotiation; whether certain kinds of advertising are unacceptably manipulative; issues concerning whistle-blowing; trade-offs between privacy and other values; the question of to whom businesses are responsible and what responsibilities they have. These questions will be considered in the context of some of the most important historical and contemporary philosophical writings on the relevant issues. This course is taught in smaller sections of under 40 students in order to maximize the possibility for discussion. Taught every semester. Satisfies the Gen Ed A&H requirement.