A Companion to the Philosophy of Action

A Companion to the Philosophy of Action
Timothy O'Connor, Constantine Sandis
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A Companion to the Philosophy of Action offers a comprehensive overview of the issues and problems central to the philosophy of action.

  • The first volume to survey the entire field of philosophy of action (the central issues and processes relating to human actions)
  • Brings together specially commissioned chapters from international experts
  • Discusses a range of ideas and doctrines, including rationality, free will and determinism, virtuous action, criminal responsibility, Attribution Theory, and rational agency in evolutionary perspective
  • Individual chapters also cover prominent historic figures from Plato to Ricoeur
  • Can be approached as a complete narrative, but also serves as a work of reference
  • Offers rich insights into an area of philosophical thought that has attracted thinkers since the time of the ancient Greeks


A Companion to the Philosophy of Action, Timothy O'Connor, Constantine Sandis (Editor), Blackwell, 2010.