Theism and Ultimate Explanation

Theism and Ultimate Explanation
Timothy O'Connor
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An expansive, yet succinct, analysis of the Philosophy of Religion – from metaphysics through theology. Organized into two sections, the text first examines truths concerning what is possible and what is necessary. These chapters lay the foundation for the book’s second part – the search for a metaphysical framework that permits the possibility of an ultimate explanation that is correct and complete.

  • A cutting-edge scholarly work which engages with the traditional metaphysician’s quest for a true ultimate explanation of the most general features of the world we inhabit
  • Develops an original view concerning the epistemology and metaphysics of modality, or truths concerning what is possible or necessary
  • Applies this framework to a re-examination of the cosmological argument for theism
  • Defends a novel version of the Leibnizian cosmological argument


Theism and Ultimate Explanation, Timothy O'Connor, Blackwell, 2008.