Jag Williams

Jag Williams

Graduate Student

About Jag Williams

I am a dual-program PhD student in the Indiana University Cognitive Science Program and Philosophy Department. I received my MSc in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh and my BA in History and Philosophy from Covenant College.

I primarily study the philosophy of cognitive science and the philosophy of mind, especially as they relate to awareness, biological cognition, blindsight, and perception. I am also interested in philosophical psychology, neurophilosophy, the philosophy of science, social epistemology, and feminism. In addition to contemporary philosophy, however, I enjoy studying the history of philosophy, especially Neo-Kantianism and Merleau-Ponty.

Beyond academia, I love making and drinking coffee, playing board games and video games, watching movies, listening to chill music (what my family has affectionately dubbed "sleep music"), playing sports (especially tennis), and eating good food with my wife, Hannah.