David Lorenzo

David Lorenzo

Graduate Student

About David Lorenzo

I received my M.A. in philosophy from Northern Illinois University in 2019. I also received a B.A. in philosophy from Northern Illinois University, along with a certificate of applied ethics, in 2017. 

Some of my primary research interests in philosophy relate to the moral realism/anti-realism debate, what we have “all things considered” reasons to do, and the role of intuition in moral philosophy. I also have other research interests in normative and applied ethics, including moral dilemmas, blame, our obligations to non-human animals, and virtue theory. 

Since getting my M.A., I have been an adjunct instructor of philosophy at several Chicagoland colleges. I believe that many of the benefits philosophy, as a discipline, can impart are found in some of the very first courses students encounter. To that end, I have been fascinated with pedagogy, and how to best teach philosophy in my classroom, as well as connect it to the experiences of my students.