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Indiana University Bloomington

To 10 Reason to Study PhilosophyThe study of philosophy has been part of the curriculum of Indiana University since its founding in 1820. Our graduate program has been nationally recognized for research excellence for the past forty years. Currently, the department's research profile is well balanced across all major areas of philosophical inquiry, with a few areas of notable strength.   Given the added resources of the University's Pure and Applied Logic Program, large and acclaimed Cognitive Sciences Program, the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, and a few philosophers based in other departments, prospective students of philosophy have an exceptionally diverse array of study options and a lively and friendly intellectual community in which to develop.


  • Graduating Seniors:

    Noni Odé Barrett
    David Isaac Gould
    Joshua Peter Frese
    Laura Elizabeth Hinshaw
    Claire Lunette Katz
    Michale Patterson
    Connor Russell
    Molly Alice Sheban
    Richard Michael Solomon
    Justin Talbot Stamers.


  • 2018 Undergraduate Awards

    Richard Solomon, Academic Excellence
    Noni Odé Barrett, Biddle Scholarship
    Keilland Cooper, Ewing Essay Prize
    Claire Katz, Betty Neal Hamilton Memorial Award
    Dax Ritter, Robert Brenner, Nicholas Bergen, Halle Mote, Honorable Mention Academic Excellence.

  • 2018 Graduate Awards

    Alex Buchinski, Academic Excellence, Elizabeth Williams, 1st and 2nd Year Clark Essay Prize, Daniel Buckley, Clark Essay Prize, Mariam Kazanjian, Ewing Essay Prize, Savannah Pearlman, Clark Outstanding AI, Daniel Linsenbardt, Nelson Fellowship, Andrew Smith, Nelson Fellowship, Elizabeth Williams, Shirley and Irving Brand Fellowship, Wade Munore, College of Arts and Science Dissertation Fellowship, Mariam Kazanjian, Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship.

  • The Department welcomes

    Jim Hutchinson (Berkeley), Ewing Visiting Assistant Professor,

    Krasmira Felcheva (UNC) Visiting Lecturer, and

    Kimberly Brewer (Cornell), Ruth Norman Halls Postdoc 2018-2020

    to the department for fall 2018!


  • October 19 Colloquium 4-6p, Woodburn Hall 121, Shelley Weinberg (UIUC) "Locke on Knowledge, Propositions, and Particles"
  • November 16-17
    Indiana Philosophical Association
    IMU Tree Suites
    Keynote Address: Marya Schechtman (IU Chicago Circle)
    "Glad it Happened: Ethical Depth and the Sense of a Continuing Self"