Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Visiting Lecturer, Philosophy


  • Ph.D., Indiana University, 2020
  • B.A., Philosophy and Linguistics, University of Florida, 2013

About Andrew Smith

The central focus of my research is on the work of Rudolf Carnap and W.V. Quine. I am primarily interested in their empiricism and naturalism, the consequences of these views for epistemology, philosophical methodology, and the philosophy of science and mathematics, and the views on language, meaning, truth, and convention they offer to articulate their epistemological and methodological commitments. Part of this research is interpretive. But I also aim to do philosophy with them: to clarify or improve key ideas in their work to recommend for consideration.

I was Visiting Assistant Professor at DePauw University for the 2020-2021 academic year. I have strong teaching interests in introductory philosophy, logic, and ethics courses, courses in my areas of research, and courses in social and political philosophy, environmental ethics, and business ethics.

Selected Publications

Methodology Maximized: Quine on Empiricism, Naturalism, and Empirical Content.” Journal of the History of Philosophy. 60(4): 661–86. 2022.

Carnap and Quine on Sense and Nonsense.” Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy. 9(10): 1–28. 2021. 

Quine on Naturalism, Nominalism, and Philosophy’s Place within Science.”  Synthese 198(2): 1549–1567. 2021.

Quine’s Intuition: Why Quine’s Early Nominalism is Naturalistic.” Erkenntnis 85(5): 1199–1218. 2020.