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Indiana University Bloomington

Areas of Study

The Department of History & Philosophy of Science

The Department of History and Philosophy of Science (HPSC) is a separate department at Indiana University, not part of the Philosophy Department. (For the story behind this unusual arrangement, see Henry Veatch's History of the Indiana University Philosophy Department in Bloomington: The Years 1929–65.) Students wishing a degree through HPSC must apply directly to their Department. For further information, and for details of their program, see their website.

The following faculty in the HPSC program have philosophical research interests:

  • Jordi Cat: Philosophy of physics, history of philosophy of science, general philosophy of science (special focus on unity of science, models, causality, scientific images, and embodied cognition)
  • Amit Hagar: Philosophy of physics (relativity, quantum information), Early Modern (especially Thomas Reid)
  • Norette Koertge (Emerita): Philosophy of science (especially methodology, development of science, philosophy of chemistry and social science, and Karl Popper), ethics of science and technology, and critiques of feminist perspectives on science
  • Elizabeth Lloyd: Philosophy of biology, models, and American Pragmatism
  • Domenico Bertoloni Meli: Early Modern philosophy of science
  • Jutta Schickore: Philosophy of experiments and instruments, 19th and 20th-century philosophy of science

Despite the administrative distinction between us, our two Departments maintain close and cooperative ties. Physically, we are located just a few steps from one another; they are in Goodbody Hall, just across Wells Quad from us. Many of our students take courses in HPSC, as theirs do in Philosophy. Our students often choose HPSC as their "outside minor area" of concentration, although other areas are popular as well. (See the discussion of our Ph.D. Requirements. The "outside minor area" is a requirement of the Graduate School.) Many faculty in HPSC also hold adjunct appointments in Philosophy. This means they can direct Ph.D. dissertations and serve on dissertation committees in Philosophy. At present, these include Professors Colin Allen, Jordi Cat, Amit Hagar, Elisabeth Lloyd, Jutta Schickore, and Professor Emerita Norette Koertge.